Defending IMUS

Until now,I have decided to stay clear of the brouhaha ignited by Don Imus’s racist comment. But the hypocrisy of his defenders is making my blood boil.Everyone who stands up to the podium to defend Don Imus says the same thing, right off the bat: What the man said was deplorable. Indefensible. Disgusting. Or any other litany of words to try to separate themselves from his vile comments. If you believe that what he said was disgusting and indefensible, then what the hell are you defending him for?

The only reason I can think of is that you don’t think what he said was all that bad, and want the same freedom to spew out disgusting tripe on your own multi-million dollar programs.

I’ve got news for you guys: You all have the freedom to say whatever you want. But that does not mean you should be rewarded with fat sponsorship deals and multi-million dollar paychecks to say it. Comments that people consider offensive vary from person to person. But if what you say makes EVERYONE say you’ve gone too far, maybe it’s time for you to take a shot in the pocket.

Don Imus took his. If you’re so worried about taking one of your own, maybe it’s time to put a little thought behind your words.


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