The house Bolokele built

January 15, 2011

This is the first house built in the village of Saba. It is not dated for obvious reasons: the owner and the society at large when this house was built have no inclination to the western idea of date and time.

This blog post is a prelude to the research I am doing relating to the founding of Saba and how its rightful founder came to be robbed of his settlement. One thing is not disputed in Saba: that the picture above is in fact the first house built in the village. Which begs the question, who owns that house then? The answer will surprise the revisionists running around the world wide web calling Madiba Singhateh the founder of Saba.

Bolokele Singhateh is the owner of the first house built in Saba. His family still owns the house and property upon which it stands. Bolokele Singhateh is the founder of Saba. This is a prelude to the larger write up I am working on. The lie that Madiba founded Saba has been perpetrated for sometime now. It is time to challenge the nonsense with facts. Facts ma’am just facts. Stay tune…