I have been away from wwwland for a while attending to some pressing personal issues. In the meantime the Democratic campaign for the party’s nominee drags on even though everyone and their mama knew it is Obama’s for the taking. I like this observation from slate:

“Here’s a rule I would like every political reporter, campaign official, TV talking head, and politician in the United States to follow. Go ahead and say, if you like, that Hillary Clinton retains a serious chance of winning the Democratic nomination. If you say this, however, you must describe a set of circumstances whereby this could happen. Try not to make it sound like a fairy tale….

“So, please, let’s stop pretending there’s much suspense about who the nominee will be. As an arithmecrat, I will not consider anyone the winner until a candidate achieves 2,025 delegates. But neither am I obliged to believe Hillary Clinton has a plausible shot. She doesn’t.”

Come to think of it, you really can’t get any shameless than Hillary Clinton. She is just like her philandering husband…they will screw the democratic party for their own political gain. The latest exhibit is her gas tax gimmick. This is a clear warning to all democrats that the clintons will throw your collective behind under the bus if that will determine that they win a campaign.

Can you believe the gall of this woman? She has the audacity to call on other democrats to pour more money into the coffers of oil companies while draining it from highway and bridge construction. Americas highways and bridges are crumbling and clinton wants to use the funds needed to fix them to give joe six pack an 18cent on the gallon tax cut. The next time a bridge collapse we know who to blame. Don’t we?

This latest episode reminds us of how the Clintons will try to win at all cost. In her 2000 senate campaign, then candidate hillary clinton made the following comment:

“And one of my fundamental disagreements during this campaign with my opponent was when he called for the repeal of the gas tax. Now, the gas tax is one of those few taxes that New York actually gets more money from Washington than we send. And we are totally reliant on it to do things like finishing I-86 in the Southern Tier, or the fast- ferry harbor works up in Rochester, as well as the work we need to do here in the city. So you can count on me to support infrastructure, but I’m sorry, Mayor, I can’t go with the domed stadium.”

Hillary looks like a douchebag for contradicting herself soo blatantly. She just doesn’t have a baggage, she keeps cramming more inside an overstuffed bag. Enough with the Clintons…


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