Yes, we can! Si, se puede!

The past few weeks of the primaries has been rather nasty. We saw Clinton Inc. play dirtier than we could have ever imagined. They pull all the stops and dirty tricks. They continuously race-baited an honorable man for having the audacity to challenge their quest for a third term. We’ve heard them call Obama a “fairytale.” We’ve seen Bill Clinton yelling at reporters who dare question his cut throat tactics. Tonight the Mark Penn / Clinton strategy of “unless they tell you otherwise – it’s legal” has been exposed and defeated. Obama has won by close to 30 points and this crushing win changes everything. And we deserve to celebrate tonight!

Two months ago Hillary Clinton was leading among all demographics in South Carolina. She was cruising to her coronation. Tonight is a different story. South Carolina voted for hope and change. The exit poll numbers have shown what we all already knew – Bill Clinton hurts Hillary more than he helps. He runs around getting testy with reporters, pushing the negativity, spinning and deceiving – like what he did with Obama’s Reagan quotes. He failed big time. South Carolina rejected these dirty politics.

Now it is a time to focus on the February 5th contests. Get younger voters out as usual and appeal to the inherent good in every voter…or what the Clintons called false hope.

We have cause to celebrate tonight. The Obama campaign face down the politics of personal destruction without flinching and came out victorious. Now that is hot…

“Some call it a fairytale – I call it the American dream”


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