Andrew Young… What the hell

It is a long primary session for political junkies like yours truly. When you think it can’t get any worse, out pops out another Clinton weasel. The culprit this time is Andy young…the African dictator’s best friend.

He went on Newsmakers Live …maybe at the behest of the Clintons to say some stupid stuff about the viability of the Obama candidacy. Here are some money quotes:

“It’s not a matter of being inexperienced. It’s a matter of being young,” said Young, who is 75. “There’s a certain level of maturity … you’ve got to learn to take a certain amount of (expletive).”

“There are more black people that Bill and Hillary lean on,” Young said. “You cannot be president alone. … To put a brother in there by himself is to set him up for crucifixion. His time will come and the world will be ready for a visionary leadership.”…AJC

Well someone should have told Andy Young that Barack will be as old as Bill Clinton when he (Clinton) took office. Kennedy was 43years when he took office as well. Dr. Martin Luther King died when he was 39 years old — and he wrote his famous letters from Birmingham Jail when he was just past 30. In fact, Mr. Young should go and read the portion of that letter where Dr. King argues against those sympathetic white ministers who kept on telling civil rights activists to “wait” until times were more favorable for protest, and Dr. King said, well, that would mean waiting FOREVER. Now, over three decades later, and Mr. Young is telling a black man to “wait.” Oh Please.

However, young wasn’t done with his Clinton worship as he went on to say some more absurd bullshit such as:

Young also quipped that “Bill is every bit as black as Barack.”

You’ve got to be demented or the Clintons have something on you to say something like that. I have a feeling that this whole interview is setup to trick misinformed black voters to vote for a Clinton dynasty.

With regards to the old joke that Bill Clinton is the first black president, and the new nonsense spouted by Young that “Bill is every bit as black as Barack.”, I will give the floor to Kevin Alexander Gray. He made the following comment in a counterpunch article in 2002:

Back in 1998 during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, writer Toni Morrison said, “black skin notwithstanding: this is our first black President” citing his dysfunctional upbringing as commonality with black males. But the joke’s an insult. The punchline is that Clinton is decadent and promiscuous, got rhythm, got caught and got over — so he’s black!

In fact, during the 8 years Clinton was in office, the incarceration rates of blacks surpassed the egregious Reagan era.

Although Clinton has since attempted to change the past through his actions post-presidency, during his reign he continued to support mandatory minimum sentencing, flawed “3 strikes” laws, and did nothing to change the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine which disproportionately affects African Americans.

These efforts in turn put more black men behind bars than ever before creating a new generation of felons courtesy of our defective war on drugs

But that is the dynasty Andy Young wants back in office as long as his palm keeps getting greased.


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