Magistrate Jawo of the Kanifing magistrates court decided to save his own skin in lieu of providing justice in the Fatou Jaw Manneh sedition trial. This is a travesty of justice. He moved the case to Banjul after weeks of hearing testimony on a stupid technicality. Shouldn’t the learned magistrate determined the proper venue prior to hearing the evidence in the case? He sat there for weeks listening to the witnesses and made rulings on the case that could determine the outcome of the case only to tell the defendant that he is not the right authority to adjudicate her case. This is an outrage. Justice delayed someone opined is justice denied. They are wasting the lady’s time and resources on a frivolous witch hunt. Shame on them.

Here is the story courtesy of the Point newspaper:

Magistrate Jawo therefore expressed the view that the court that has the jurisdiction to try the accused is the Banjul Magistrates’ Court, invoking section 61, subsection 1 and 62 subsection 21 of the Criminal Procedure Code to back his ruling of transferring the case to Banjul Magistrates’ Court.


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