I am not a fan of Yahya Jammeh and his totalitarian form of governance. However I think his government should be commended for trying to sponsor 300 Gambian students to study Engineering, medicine and agriculture in universities abroad. It is an investment in human capital, which will provide long term socio-economic benefits to our society. It beats the invesment in military hardware on any given day. Here is the story from the point newspaper:

Presidential Office to Sponsor Gambians to Universities Abroad
Friday 18th May 2007

By Osman Kargbo

The Office of the President, through the efforts of H.E. President Yahya Jammeh, will be providing close to 300 scholarships to young talented Gambians to study in universities and colleges abroad, a press release from the President’s office has stated.

According to the release faxed yesterday to this paper, the sponsorship, which will commence in September 2007, will cover various disciplines with special emphasis in the Sciences such as Medicines, Engineering and Agriculture.

The release stated further: “The Office of the President is pleased to inform the general public that through the untiring efforts of His Excellency The President Alhaji Dr Yahya A.J.J Jammeh, training opportunities will be made available, commencing in the next academic year (September, 2007) for young talented Gambians to study in Universities and Colleges abroad.

“Nearly 300 scholarships will be available for study in various disciplines but with emphasis in the Sciences such as Medicines, Engineering, Agriculture among other disciplines.”

It also said the scholarships would be made available to students from across the country.

“Interested applicants should apply to the Office of The President and provide proof of citizenship and authentic academic results to back their application,” the release concluded.

My apologies to the point for going over my fair use privileges here.


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