Yahya Drama

It is one thing to read about the madness that is Yahya’s claim to have a cure for AIDS, but to see the drama with your own eyes in moving video is priceless. Our scandanavian based brother Buharry captured the treatment session broadcast live on Gambian television on video.

The session is interlaced with recitations from the holy Quran while Yahya could be seen in some scenes rubbing some kind of ointment on semi-nude women. How is that for all the religiosity he waxes poetic about. Without further ado:

Here are the links to the videos:

Day 1

Day 2

Sky news in the United Kingdom interview Jammeh and some of his patients. It is a sad tale. Watch the video here.

The Quack in Gambia is what the German Newspaper Der Spiegel describe our resident dictator. Here is a snippet of an excellent article they wrote on this drama:

the self-styled AIDS healer is now claiming to have discovered his fortune-telling skills. He claims to be able to predict a person’s moment of death, after a single look in their eyes…

Okay, thats it: the Man is certifiably crazy.


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