Emperor has no clothes

The lunacy of Yahya Jammeh has no boundaries. The man is delusional and running the Gambia into the ground in the process. What  kind of a prank is this fool pulling on Gambians? He will run to any dingy institution to get a title. Obviously been called doctor has gotten to his head. He is literally practicing some kind of voodo on patients admitted at the RoyaL Victoria Hospital.

The sickening part of this whole episode is that you have board certified medical doctors vouching for his bullshit. This is the same man who try to sell what he claimed to be an all purpose medicinal water to our people last year. That scheme fail, not because he didn’t have people vouching for his scam, but because everybody knew the fucking emperor has no clothes. Now whatever psychotic medication he is taking needs to refilled and fast: because the moron is losing it.

Why are the Imams sitting around and letting this lunatic use the Quran in vain. Funny, isn’t it, how times have changed? Once upon a time, Muslims considered avarice a sin. They will rather go to an early grave than bear false witness. In Yahya Jammeh’s Gambia, this isn’t so. Religious leaders are much more interested in how to get their lot ahead than standing up to a coward.

If you are wondering what spike up my ire, well read this observer story and weep for the Gambia:

Jammeh cures PATIENTS at RVTH

The curative power of the Holy Qur’an and traditional medicine were yesterday put to effect at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Unit and the Private Ward of the Royal Victoria Teaching Hopital (RVTH) by President Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh combined both the spiritual power of curing and traditional medicine to alleviate the suffering at the emergency unit, as well as restore the health of patients in critical conditions. The process was so effective that patients responded to the healing techniques within a short span of time. His medicinal application was simply the Holy Qur’an combined with a few traditional herbs.

The curative power of the Gambian leader left many mesmerised and stunned, including his entourage, doctors, nurses, patients and other staff of RVTH. It was his second consecutive day at the hospital, after attending to the patients on Saturday.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, shortly after attending to the patients, President Jammeh said: “Nowadays there are a lot of strange illnesses. It seems there is no remedy for them and most of time even if there is remedy, it takes a lot of time for patients to heal. So I think its time for me to come out from hiding and show them what I can do”.

He then added: “I told Gambians since 1994 that there are a lot of things that I can do. But Gambians would never know the Yahya Jammeh that is here. I believe in two things. If somebody is sick and you cannot cure the person with the Holy Qur’an, the person is certainly going to die. And it would not take 24 hours. There is no disease in this world that you cannot cure using the Qur’an and some natural herbs that are existing either in the forest and/or at our homes. So this is traditional herbal medicine but basically used in the Qur’an. It is spiritual. So you will realise that the whole ward that we took care of yesterday were coincidentally, all Muslims.”

He then continued: “Yesterday, there were two patients that were in very critical conditions. In fact, both of them could not talk. I saw that one of them was suffering and was in great pain, so I had to take care of him to relief the pain. But the good thing about it was that he was temporary relieved. But I said yesterday that I have no home with him, including the old man.”


President Jammeh told journalists he got his medicine from the forest, saying “what is important is that it my concoction and my knowledge. It is a natural knowledge for me, which is based on the Qur’an. These are basically plants. I have the title of doctor. In fact, I am a stronger doctor than them, because I use the name of Allah and the Qur’an”.

On the continuity of curing patients, President Jammeh decribed the exercise as a duty. However, he pointed out that he also has other responsibilities. “One, I am a head of state and have to take care of state matters. I am also a family man. Also, I have to pray a lot. In fact, what will happen will be Saturday clinics. And of course, it will not be every Saturday, because sometimes I have to go to Kanilai. But we will make an arrangement with them so that we can deal with the most critical cases. The rest they can take care of them, such as malaria. But cases where there is no hope, those are the ones I will concentrate on,” he noted.

He disclosed that he would also attend to HIV/Aids patients,which he said would require time. He elaborated: “What we could do is to take members of Santa Yalla, who have exposed themselves so that we can start with them. But I will tell you when I am ready, because it is not easy to do it. It is not easy to prepare.” He stressed that one must pray a lot.

President Jammeh then observed that he does not “ just go and cure a patient. There are signs I look for and I use the Qur’an”. However, he confirmed that for two of the patients, he did not use the Qur’an because he was “definitely sure that they are going to die. It is not easy but that is the way it is. There is nothing I can do for somebody whose time is up. But if it is a question of illness, we can take care of it”.

He informed journalists that he started the curing process with his relative to ensure people understand that it’s no joke. “You must have seen the other one who before I touched him was saying he could not breathe and that he was going to die. After I attended to him, he was asking for a job to the extent that he showed me his driving license. Its all with the power of Almighty Allah,” he said.

The link

Asked about the link between the Qur’an and traditional medicine, President Jammeh replied: “There is no distinction between the Qur’an and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is purely the use of herbs. And every herb that is of medicinal value is mentioned in the Qur’an. You will also realise that there some people call marabouts, who use the Qur’an to write something, wash it and give it to the person to drink. So that’s the link. And for any verse that you can use in the Qur’an for healing, there is a tree in the forest that you can use if you cannot use the Qur’an. So if you can use the Qur’an and the tree itself, it makes it simple. You are invoking the name of Almighty Allah. And Allah has said that there are so many things that we can do. There are so many things that are hidden from us.”

President Jammeh further noted that there is no difference between traditional medicine, modern medicine and the Qur’an. He explained: “Whatever they use as modern medicine, must have been extracted from a plant or naturally existing chemicals. In the Qur’an, you have both the herbs and elements – elements of a chemical nature that you can use. In fact, what you extract from the plant are chemicals that are extracted to make medicine. Some may exist in mineral or gaseous form to make medicine. The source of all modern and traditional medicine is from Almighty Allah, and that is the Qur’an. Allah says he has created for mankind all in this Qur’an. It’s like a literature. I may read a story like that of Shakespeare and I may know the literal meaning of it. But somebody who has done literature would be able to explain to you what they are talking about, which may be different from what I understand about it.”

He then affirmed that he is willing to share the knowledege, provided it would not be commercialised. “If it is going to be commercialised, then no!,” he stressed.

Dr Malick Njie, Chief Medical Director of RVTH, expressed his impression with Jammeh’s miracle, saying what “he has got is different from what we learnt in medical school”.

Dr Njie added: “I was amazed by somebody who said he could not breathe and who thought he would die. But after what he gave him, he asked for a job. I cannot talk much about that because I do not have much knowledge about it. But traditional medicine is someting that is in the country. It’s been an excellent visit. We had him yesterday, we had him here today. His mere presence stimulated a lot in the patients.”

He disclosed that a woman, who was in a bad condition wanted to be discharged, after she had received “something from the President. She was ready to go. I told her well,. if you are well, you must go so that we can admit other patients. But His Excellency said do not let her go.”

He said another female patient, who was in a psychotic condition and  incoherent also responded to President Jammeh’s curative medicine, after it was administered to her. “She was ready to go home, which we found amazing. She started talking coherently. This morning the consultant did the check-up round and certified her fit to be discharged”.

Patients’ account

Also speaking to the journalists, Amadou Bah, a patient at the A&E Unit, said: “I am getting much better than before. I am really grateful to President Jammeh for treating me. I am very happy.”

Omar Jaiteh, another patient, said: “I now feel fine. I am feeling much better now.”

Ebrima Demba, who was confined to his sickbed since his admission at the A&E Unit, said: “I feel really great. I could not walk from my bed to the toilet. But now, I can walk thanks to the President. Illness is cured through a gradual process and I really want the President to come again.”

Alagie Hydara and Elbo Jarjue, also expressed similar sentiments.

President Jammeh brought gifts for the patients and then gave out D30,000 to a lady, whose father passed away at the A&E Unit. He also gave gifts of cash to the Kanifing gas explosion victims at the Intensive Care Unit.

President Jammeh was accompanied to the hospital by the Secretary General, a number of Secretaries of State and the Chief of Protocol….Daily Observer.


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