Poll update

It is pretty much a done deal at this hour. The APRC is on its way to an electoral blowout. What amazes me is that the combined opposition figures are not even close to the incumbent’s number. The idea that a divided opposition will dilute the opposition votes and enable Yahya to win by default is not supported by the figures been release by the IEC. Yahya’s vote tally is more than twice the combined opposition figures in all of the constituencies counted. My native Badibou went overwhelming for Yahya. This used to be the opposition stronghold during the first republic and they paid badly for it as far as infrastructural development is concerned. The APRC campaigned on the projects they’ve initiated especially the Kerewan-Farafenni road construction to woo Badibunkas to vote massively for them. Another factor is the Badibunka businessmen and the influence they have over the folks back home. Their ( the businessmen) palm were greased to exert their influence and pull a huge victory for the APRC. One has to remeber that Yankuba Touray (APRC’s chief mobiliser) married into one of these families. Progressive Africans has the latest updates here

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