Election Day

After criss crossing the entire country for the past three weeks, the aspirants for the Gambia’s highest office will have to wait for another 48 hours to hear the verdict of the electorate. The campaigning officially ended on Wednesday, September 21 with all candidates making their final pitch in mass rallies organized in various locations in the Kanifing Municipality area… the largest demographically settled area in the country.

Overall the Campaign went fairly well for all and sundry. Compared to the 2001 elections campaign, this one went peaceful with no lost of life reported. The candidates and their supporters should be commended for that. After all is said and done peaceful cohabitation is what we need in the Gambia.

Electoral politics is not strange to Gambians. They have been voting since independence. You may not agree with their choice in the past and may not agree with it come saturday, but it will be pompous for anyone to tell Gambians what to do on election day.

Citizenship, Halifa like to say is not an accident. I happened to agree with this assertion. Gambians should comport themselves well after casting their votes to avoid any kind of violence. The Gambia is all we have. The security forces should desist from intimidating the electorate.

Finally, the losers of tommorrows vote should gracefully concede provided the vote is certified free and fair by the international observers. The victor should drink some humble juice and not gloat, but acknowledge the challenge and contribution of his opponents and their supporters.

2 Responses to Election Day

  1. Jim Gaye says:

    Well worded; hopefully all will come to pass in perfect peace..
    (The Gambia is all we have)

  2. Jim Gaye says:

    Well worded; hopefully all will come to pass in perfect peace..(The Gambia is all we have)

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