Game Set

They have their game faces on and with that said, contenders for the Gambia’s highest office are campaigning around that tiny islet of a country seeking and in the case of the incumbent demanding that the electorate vote for him as he did in my native village of Saba when he is reported saying:

As the President of The Gambia, I will do what is expected of me but this time around if you vote for me I care for you and if you refuse voting for me, I will also give you my back,” he stressed…observer

Ok let me get this straight, Yahya Jammeh is asking the people of Badibou to vote for him or else his government if re-elected will ignore that region. This is authoritarian to say the least. He is paid by the taxes levied on these people he claims he is rescuing. They are paying taxes and the structures he enumerated are paid for by those taxes. But dictators like jemus never understand the distinction between state property and their own personal property. They refuse to understand the fundamentals of governance…you serve the electorate, use their taxes to provide security for their lives and livelihood, utilise the tax base to build and maintain a viable infrastructure thereby fostering a vibrant economic environment for the betterment of the citizenry.

However, I hold on myself on my Jammeh rant for a minute. The purpose of this post is to acknowledge the developments taking place on the political front. The nominations for the presidential aspirants went fine and the candidates are:

Image Hosted by
Incumbent Yahya Jammeh (Candidate for the ruling APRC)

Image Hosted by
Ousainou Darbo (Candidate for the opposition Alliance for Change)

Image Hosted by
Halifa Sallah (Candidate for the opposition alliance NADD)

The campaign is in ernest and the elections are slated for September the 22nd. The Gambian electorate is the final arbiter. The decision they make on election day will determine what kind of society they want to live in. Personally I am in the anyone but Yahya camp. I believe either of the opposition figures will be a boon for the Gambia. But if the electorate decide to stay with the status quo, that is their right as well. The consequences of such a decision will be visited upon them.


2 Responses to Game Set

  1. Cynthia says:

    Since I’m not Gambian and a united (united) coalition is out of the question, I guess this should be taken only with a grain of salt; I’m rooting for Halifa. To be perfectly honest, I think he is a God sent to Gambians…

  2. ousman ceesay says:

    Cynthia wrote:”I think he is a God sent to Gambians…”You are in good company. Most Halifarites use the same terminology.The omnipotent connotation is far fetch. But again Halifaism is not my trait.

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