Here we go again

The chicken has finally come home to roost. The Daily observer is reporting the arrest and charged with treason seven former big dogs of the most cruel institution propping up the dictatorship that is terrorizing Gambians. Going through the names, you can’t help but notice that all these guys at one point in their careers worked at the National Intelligence agency… the Gestapo like institution that is responsible for the torture and maiming of several hundred innocent Gambians. I am not gleeful in any way at their arrest and trial, but I am not going to beat on that all famous retort of calling for the rule of law. These men of all people knew they help to create and nurture a system in which the rule of law is subservient to the rules and dictates of Yahya Jammeh. That is the system we are trying to uproot. If any good should come out of their misery, I hope it opens up the hearts of their former collegeaus now working the dark halls of the Gambia’s Gestapo that the Gambia is not Yahya’s personal hacienda and that torture and humiliation of fellow citizens to prop him up will only get you far. Here is a snip of the observer story:

The seven charged were, Abdoulie Kujabi, former Director-General of the NIA, Foday Barry, former Commissioner of Police, Kanifing Division, Baba Saho, former NIA Director of Operations, Vincent Jatta, former Chief of Defence Staff, Kemo Balajo, former NIA Director of External, Gibriel Secka, former NIA Director of Operations and Alieu Singhateh, former NIA Director of Intelligence.

Read the whole story here

In another development, the Gambia echo is reporting that ex presidential aide de camp Kalifa Bajinka is on the run for his life after he thwart efforts to arrest him. His siblings weren’t so lucky. Three of them are languishing at the mile two prisons. Reasons for their arrest are not given, but I won’t be surprise if they are later charged with aiding and abetting their run away brother or they could be used in a ploy to blackmail the ex major to surrender. I hope he doesn’t fall for that ploy or he will be as good as dead.

Below is a snip of the story :

In this case, it all began after 9:00pm that fateful Saturday when Bajinka was resting and meeting with love ones that three armed officers led by Bamba Manneh rudely invaded their privacy and told Bajinka that he was under arrest. According to our unassailable sources, the urbane Major Bajinka quickly opened his suit case and pulled out his military pistol. His message? “Leave right now or all of us will be dead.” At this stage says a source “Manneh and the two other officers decided to return and call for reinforcement.” However, according to a Presidential aide in Banjul, President Jammeh and the entire top brass of the Army and the NIA were “irritated at Banjika’s show of bravery and hurriedly put up a team of killer marks men to either arrest the major or take him out.” Luckily for Bajinka while the marks men were en route to his residence, a loyalofficer called his mobile phone and hinted that “they are coming and are ordered to kill you in the same fashion they killed Dumbuya and Lt. Almamo Manneh, so please surrender”. According to our lead source, the seasoned soldier quickly called his superiors and admonished them that it was not necessary to cause chaos; that he was on his way to report himself.

Read the whole story here …..


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