Educating LaShawn

Searching for black conservative bloggers awhile ago, I stumbled upon La Shawn Barber’s site. Prone to reading varying political points of view, I initially thought she was a moderate like me. Lord was I ever wrong. Reading through a few of her pieces made me realized that I have nothing in common with the woman save for our skin color. Her logic and arguments make me sick.

I have nothing against black conservatives. My peeve is with those who took it to the extreme like La Shawn. She claimed to be a Christian, but never pass a chance to belittle any and everything about black people.

La Shawn’s writings made her look like a self-hating hypocrite. Why did I say that? For starters she sells out her race at every opportunity and kept passing aspersions on them while claiming to be a Christian.

She is too busy imitating Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter (the b****y wingnuts) without realizing how foolish and twisted her reasoning has become. Malkin wrote a book defending the interment of Japanese Americans during world war two and La Shawn is almost in their league. This might be her ultimate dream (Joining club Malkin and Coulter) but I hope that if she has any shred of decency, she’ll rethink her approach and ask herself is it really worth it. Case in point is this ridiculous post she wrote comparing the NAACP to white supremacy groups. Money quote:

If defending and advocating for your race is a bad thing, it should be bad across the board. Disband the congressional black and hispanic caucuses. Shutter the NAACP, which has become nothing more than a clique of partying elitists who give out awards to pedophiles. Why are racial minorities allowed to honor their race, while whites are not? Why is there a stigma against being proud of your white skin, but not black or brown skin?

The Poorman Institute did a great job educating LaShawn about the differences when he wrote:

I’m going to say this e-x-t-r-a s-l-o-w-l-y so maybe even the terminally stupid Ms. Barber can understand:

1. Fun fact about white people: we can, and do, join white ethnic organizations all the damn time, and nobody says anything. When you poke your head in the local Polish-American club, do not expect to see a Benetton ad. Expect to see lots and lots of white people. Ditto the Italian-American club, the endless Irish-American organizations, etc., etc. It all seems rather pointless to me, but they tend to have cheap beer, so I keep these sorts of idle opinions to myself.

This isn’t an issue of ignorance. The idea that the NAACP is the same as Prussian blue is not rooted in a lack of knowledge on Lashawn’s part but willful, malicious spite. Everyone knew the Nazis were a murderous bunch of lunatics backed by a hateful state machinery. And even if you don’t know anything about the NAACP, you know it doesn’t advocate genocide and it sure as hell is not backed by any state machinery. So there’s obviously no equivalency morally or otherwise between the two groups. Even the ignorant couldn’t make this mistake. And La Shawn Barber knew this all along. She is just been spiteful and as usual passing aspersions on people of color to fit in “the club”.


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