Michigambia…Press offensive

I’ve found the spectacle of whining executives upset that critics like me are not interested in seriously talking about their achievements to be rather hilarious. Aside from the obvious – don’t spit in my face and then ask me to seriously consider the aesthetics of the experience – as I was treated during the Salieu Jeng episode, it isn’t as if the executives generally go out of their way to inform their membership of what is transpiring behind the scenes. If they communicate effectively, then they wouldn’t have to worry about me divulging the treachery of Tijan Ceesay and the subsequent fund raising drought they claimed came as a result of that post. That is the price paid for group think and unnecessary secrecy.

My relationship with Michigambia is not adversarial but critical. Even though I value the friendships of a few associates than the Gambian association, I will always give the devil his/her due. Case in point is this offensive that the executive undertook to lay claim to the medical supplies shipped to the Gambia from the treacherous claws of sycophants like Tijan Ceesay. The best defense is a good offense and to that end executives of Michigan should be commended for taking the initiative in laying claim to the efforts of their members by getting this press release to be published in the Point newspaper putting tricksters on notice that they will not be robbed of their dues.

Gambia Association of Michigan Secures $28 M Medical Supplies for Gambia
Friday 19th May 2006

The Gambia Association of Michigan has recently secured D28 Million worth of medical supplies and equipment from World Medical Relief, Inc., a charity organization in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Half of the medical supplies, which filled a 40ft container, has been shipped to The Gambia since 24 April 2006. These medical supplies and equipment are intended to benefit hospitals in The Gambia including Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul, Sulayman Junkung General Hospital in Bwiam, Western Division, AFPRC Hospital in Farafenni, North Bank Division and Bansang Hospital in Central River Division

…. Click here to read the rest of the press release.

Reading through the press release, this passage jumped at me:

Mr Jah also thanked Mr Tijan Masanneh Ceesay for all his support and timely responses to all his correspondences and facilitating the shipment on behalf of the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC.

On behalf of the Gambian embassy caught my attention. I couldn’t fathom why it was on their behalf rather than that of Michigambia. Then I had a jolt of memory that this post of mine was in fact accurate in describing how Michigambia nearly lost control of these items. Frantic phone calls were made to reclaim ownership and the executive should be commended for standing up to a sycophant before he gobble up the venture and reap the fruits of Michigambia’s labor.


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