A house divided

The Kombo East by-election as predicted here has been won by the ruling APRC. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that one. The final vote tally was:

Jung Conteh (APRC) 3,365
Lamin Darbo (UDP/NRP) 2,814
Momodou Lamin Touray (NADD) 1,109

The results manifest what most of us loud mouths have been saying for quite sometime,that the opposition divided as they are today will be drawing from the same pool of supporters albeit the bigger slice. The same fate awaits them at the presidential polls come october.

The reactions of the opposition figures to the election results are so telling. Lamin Waa Juwara, who never miss a chance to run his mouth at UDP/NRP alliance didn’t disappoint this time either. Here is what he told the point:

An executive member of the opposition National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD) has said the pull-out of the UDP and the NRP from the alliance led to their defeat in the 14 May by-election in Kombo East.

Mr Waa Juwara, who was speaking to The Point yesterday in a telephone conversation, said the defeat will teach the United Democratic Pary (UDP) and the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) that NADD is the only solution or answer to countering whatever scheme the ruling APRC party may employ in any elections.

“The UDP/NRP alliance has learnt a lesson that they alone cannot do it,” Juwara said, adding that unity is strength and power…point

I will like to think that every member of the opposition learnt a lesson, but not if you subscribe to what Juwara has to say. In his demagoguery he past that lesson on to the UDP/NRP alliance. Everything is jolly with NADD huh? Juwara is smart enough to know that you can only bluff your opponent from a vantage point of strenght. The results doesn’t bode well for NADD. The UDP/NRP alliance has twice as much support as NADD and trailed the ruling party by few hundred votes. That counts for something. No?

Waa and other NADD supporters keep calling on the UDP/NRP alliance to come back to NADD. What you never heard them say is for NADD to join the alliance. What is so hard about that? If unity is all they want, then joining a much bigger group is the way to go.

In his reaction to the election results, Ousainou Darbo is reported as saying the folowing:

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) yesterday said the 14 May Kombo East by-election was a defeat for the ruling APRC party, as the majority of the voters in the constituency voted against the APRC...point

What is Mr. Darbo smoking? Defeat for the APRC? In what sense? Is this some kind of twisted logic taught at law schools? But I guess he is just trying to massage the pain of defeat that the opposition clearly suffered. A win is a win is a win…capice.

However Mr. Darbo did come around to acknowledging what critics of a divided opposition have been saying all along when he said the following:

However, when it was put to him that some people are of the belief that the opposition could not win the election because they are divided, Mr Darboe said “it is an argument that one cannot brush aside”.

I hope these guys get pragmatic and soon. They’ve already realized that they needed each other to win in october. It will take a pragmatic attitude on the part of all concerned to come together for a country. Obtuse adherence to Ideology and ego has only gotten us so far.


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