Michigambia receives acknowledgement

Click on the document to enlarge and read.Reproduced above is a letter sent to Michigambia by the Gambia Embassy. This blog post is a follow up to the post I made here . Michigambia finally get an acknowledgement of their efforts and the allegations that they may have been conned by the embassy proved false. I think it is incumbent on me to let my readers know of this development. The letter is dated April 24th, 2006, eight days before I wrote my post and Michigambia got a fax copy from the embassy on May 9th, 2006. The events that transpired between the publication of my post and the receipt of the fax letter makes me wonder if my post may have awakened some executives members to demand a letter from the embassy to this effect. But I digress.
I still stand behind the other issues raised in the post, vis-a-vis, the deletion of Cherno Baba’s Corner, and the fact that the Government will milk this donation for political purposes. Since Michigambia is a non-political entity and want to donate directly to hospitals why is the shipment been sent to the office of the president? Enquiring minds will like to know.

One Response to Michigambia receives acknowledgement

  1. cynthia says:

    And next time I will keep my trap closed!!!

    I must admit this is good news and I’m glad I’m wrong!!!!

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