Was Michigambia Conned By the Gambia Embassy?

Last January, I was treated like a skunk at a party, for having the audacity in forwarding Salieu Jeng’s infamous post at the Allgambian to the Michigambia mailing list. What bothered me then is not only the censorship allegation made in the post, but also the notion that it is made at the behest of some unnamed Gambian official. Alieu Nyassi in a fit of rage responded thus: “Any one who wants to write anything can do so and they can post it on any website or create their own. GAM will not be utilized to carry anyone’s political message”. Our resident Sherlock Holmes in the person of Ramou decided to do the detective work and came out with the culprit when she asserts: “taking a look at the sender, it is from a Ousman ceesay to samba johm. these are people who live here with us”. Libeling Samba and I as the two pricks without cojones behind the prank. And not to be left behind in addition to the pomposity that belies comprehension Sierra chimes in to let us know who is the boss. Those were the days.

But time some one once opined is the great arbiter. I have no way of substantiating Salieu Jengs comment that an unnamed official is behind the shenanigans, but one thing is clear for all to see: Cherno Baba’s corner at michigambia has been deleted at about the same time that the Gambia Embassy offered to help in shipping the medical equipments secured by Michigambia to the Gambia. Coincidence? Maybe. But the timing stinks to high heaven.

To add insult to injury, the talk making the grapevine has it that the executive of Michigambia had transferred the ownership of the medical equipments to the embassy to facilitate shipping. But the unintended consequence of this action is that the michigambia executive has since been double cross, conned (or whatever adjective you can come up with) by representatives of our own government. The Gambia embassy is not only claiming ownership for shipping purposes, I am told, but they are claiming to be the facilitators of the whole venture. The representative in the person Tijan Ceesay alias ‘Eku Boppa’ has already arrived in Banjul waiting to present the shipment to dear leader (Yahya Jammeh) on behalf of the Gambia Embassy. Which conjures up another issue: the non-partisan mantra of Michigambia. The executive told us that the shipment will be sent directly to three designated hospitals as soon as they clear customs. However with the Gambia embassy taking credit for the efforts of Gambians in Michigan, that non-partisan stance they (the executive) belabor so much about and went as far as pulling Cherno Baba’s articles for is well just that … wishful thinking. The government in this election year will squeeze as much political goodwill as they possibly could from the efforts of a non-partisan entity.

I have trouble believing the executive of Michigambia could be so obtuse as to allow themselves be outwitted by the likes of Tijan Ceesay. But the way events are unfolding, he might have pull a fast one on our able executives who never forget to remind us of their duties when they wrote: “Whatever the case may be, we are assuring you that whenever we meet as an executive the interest of the association and the community as a whole is our utmost concern and there is no doubt in our sincerity in serving the Michigan Gambian Community as an executive.”

Don’t forget that “interest of the association” is the operational word here. If what is been rumored turns out to be true ( at this moment, I have no reason to believe otherwise), what interest is it to Michigambia as an entity that someone is taking credit for the fruits of their labor? Time one more time will be the final arbiter.


6 Responses to Was Michigambia Conned By the Gambia Embassy?

  1. cynthia says:

    For me, it is more believable that Michigambia conned those who gave to the hospitals. It is more believable that Michigambia also favors the current Gambian government and this is why they don’t want any anti-Jammeh rhetoric. I simply have a hard time believing that any Gambian is naive about Gambian politics that they didn’t know that would happen if these items were given to the Gambian embassy.

  2. Jim Gaye says:

    Cynthia, I cannot help but comment on your little piece….
    Naturally, our consciousness is determined by our surroundings. Hence, as people born and raised in The Gambia, our awareness is the health plight of the people of The Gambia, not the political platform of today or its past or current government. In short, if we have to do it all over again (and believe it we will), this association will send another container of medical supplies to The Gambia; not to Dr. Fafa or Yaya Jammeh, not to NADD or UDP but to the people of The Gambia. A container of this magnitude with medical supplies is secured to go through a not for profit or government ministry (of health, our designated recipient) unless you are a non-government organization administering your own facility. Nonetheless, it is a “hard-to-believe” speculation that not one Gambian will benefit from the supplies thereafter or that credit due will not be given to MichiGambians and really out of reasoning to think that the “executive or MichiGambia conned the donors”. What is naive however, is not to take action and help the people of the Gambia when you can or when you have the opportunity, just because of a certain person or government is in charge. But then we all don’t think alike and that’s why we all agree to disagree. Really, who we are determines our consciousness. If only I could read your mind without you penciling down your thoughts, what a world this universe would be; it would be a world where there would be no disagreement, a world where we all will be on the same page. This association does not see that world coming any time soon and until then, “every person will lean upon their own misunderstanding”, you and me included.
    PS: please keep up the good work; your interest and participation in Gambian affairs is commendable. Your blog is food for thought. Keep it up.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Jim: I see your point after re-reading what I said. I should point out that I do think it is a good idea to send medical supplies to the Gambia. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised that the folks at the Gambian Embassy take credit for it and that is what I’m talking about. Anyone knows anything about Gambian poltics can conclude that if the supplies were given to this organization this would be the outcome, hence the con.

    Thanks for your response because I don’t think I would have seen how what I wrote sounded like to someone else…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…

  4. Jim says:

    I always stop by your blog…we can’t thank you more; take care…

  5. salieu Jeng says:

    I hope you don’t fall for Jim’s Explanation. I wrote on Allgambian a few months ago that they are planning on pulling Cherno Baba’s articles from Michigambia website. They denied it. His wife is one of the people mentioned in Ousman’s post. I was right. Cherno Baba’s post was deleted from the site as I predicted it would. They didn’t even have the courtesy as ousman wrote in an email to the mailing list sometime ago to notify cherno that they were deleting his articles from the site.

    They can lie all they want, but the truth is that most of them are looking for jobs from the Jammeh government and they are using their exposure as executives of Michigambia to achieve their selfish ambitions. How else do you explain handing ownership to embassy? You see Jim blabber a lot; But what he didn’t do is refute the substance of the post. He went philosophical here but didn’t respond when ousman posted this on michigambia mailing list.why the silence? Maybe nobody want to face up to inepititude and corrupt behavior.

    Jim, I will be watching this space for your spin and until then tell the truth or forever hold your peace.

    Salieu Jeng.

  6. cynthia says:

    Salieu: Interesting…–>

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