Full Blown Dictatorial powers

Readers of this blog are used to my continous and relentless rants against the tyranny and dictatorial rule of Yahya Jammeh. The Gambia is a police state and the commanding officer of the state happens to be a state unto himself. Critics might contend that there are other branches of government that could curtail this extreme executive power. But the rubber stamp “people’s representatives” that is the Gambia national assembly have decided to abdicate their roles and give Yahya Jammeh the power to fire them even though they were hired by the people to work for the people. They’ve decided by their vote in ammending the constitution that they are not worthy of the trust and power bestowed on them by the electorate. By now you are wondering what is irking him so much. Well here is the story that got my blood boiling:

Jammeh Empowered to Dissolve National Assembly at Will
Monday 24th April 2006
By Abba A S Gibba

A president in The Gambia can now dissolve the National Assembly “anytime
he or she deems it necessary”.

This was made possible after members of the National Assembly approved on Thursday the proposed amendment to section 96 of the Constitution of The Gambia.

“The amendment to section 96 of the constitution is that notwithstanding the provision of subsection (1), the President may, in the public interest, declare that a general election of all members of the National Assembly shall be held on such date as he or she shall determine,” the Secretary of State for Justice, Sheikh Tijan Hydara, said at the National Assembly.

The proposed amendment to Section 96 of the Constitution states: “Notwithstanding the provision of Subsection (1), the President may, in the public interest, declare by order published in the Gazette, that a general election of all members of the National Assembly shall be held on such date as he or she shall determine.

Secy Hydara said there is however a clause in the proposed amendment that states that “the President shall not exercise his or her power under this subsection if the time for a general election of all the members of the National Assembly under subsection (1) is less than eighteen months.”In moving the motion, Hon. Hydara said the amendment is in the public interest of the nation. “It is only in the public interest of The Gambia that established institutions of government should be overhauled to give it a new momentum, a new sense of direction, a new lease of life, or to re-position it to meet other greater challenges, he added.

However, when the motion was moved for the approval of the amendment, it provoked a bitter argument between the political divide in the National Assembly. It was nonetheless put to a vote and the results were as follows: the yes vote was 29, the no vote was 3, the absentees were 17, and 1 person abstained.

Is Secretary Hydara out of his fucking mind? What public interest is served by giving the executive such outrageous powers? Why is intelligent folks like Hydara so evil? why do they use their intellect to further subjucate our people? Evidently he hasn’t learn much from the humiliation Fafa Mbye suffered at the hands of this moron. Fafa …a very intelligent lawyer by any standards promulgated some of the most dracion decrees for the AFRC as justice minister and ended up getting his assets confiscated under those same decrees after falling out with Yahya. The same fate awaits hydara. The most outrageous thing about Hydara’s later stunt is that he used a cowered and semi-literate group of politicians to change a significant provision of the Gambia constitution, thereby and in the process bestowing monarchial powers in the hands of a full blown dictator…Yahya Jammeh. Will he use it? You betcha and soon.

But come to think of it, the national assembly members ( opposition been the exception) has been doing crap shoot for their constituents. They are a bunch of no good, free loading leeces feeding on the Gambian tax payer. They have been doing what Yahya demand they do all along. Passing bills, amending the constitution to suit ‘Tony Daba”. Now the chicken has come home to roost. After getting them to change the law of the land to his liking, Yahya has decided that he doesn’t even need the bogus semblance of checks and balances that the national assembly portray. The obliging ‘people’s representatives’ gladly gave dear leader the power he is had all long … the power to fire them as well and at will. What a cowardly act by a bunch of selfish people.


3 Responses to Full Blown Dictatorial powers

  1. cynthia says:

    Now, if he fires everyone, who would be left to shield him? I wonder if then would people be up in arms.

  2. I seriously doubt anyone will do what it takes to start a popular uprising in the Gambia. Not the present crop of politicians.

  3. Foday says:

    I am not surprise see Jammeh’s continuation of exploiting these so-called intellectuals. I bet if jammeh could have his way, he might further propose to his puppet SOS for justice to draft a clause in the constitution that would make him a king, then a position be created for a prime minister instead of a head of state in the Gambia.
    This is not a joke. This guy is so power hungry that he would do anything to cling on to power. Some of his previous SOS for justic were on several occations used to tailor the constitution to suit DR.Jammeh forgeting that The Gambia belongs to all, not few.
    Time will tell.

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