Yahya’s Bamboozlement

This is what it has come to. The bamboozlement that this guy pull on Gambians is beyond me. I mean what the heck is that man thinking? What is going through his mind as he squat there while the emperor perform his idea of mystic healing. At a certain point we will just have to face the fact that many members of our society are just gullible. Check out the rest of the photos here

Talking of gullibility, what in God’s name has gotten into Sherriff Mustapha Dibba? How low will Dibba stoop? The cowardly behavior of the man lately is a new trait. Maybe I am a bad judge of character. But I am of the belief until lately that it takes someone with cojones to oppose Dawda Jawara at the zenith of his power and abandon along the way your own power and prestige. But that was exactly what Sheriff Dibba did and most of my native Badibu stood with their native son and take a hit for it when it comes to development. Badibu still has the same feeder roads that were built during the colonial days. Most of these is due to their opposition to the PPP and by extension the APRC governments until Sheriff Dibba jump ship and join the later, swaying along the way many of his supporters to vote for the APRC.

Politics is a blood sport and one can even forgive Sheriff Dibba for aligning with the APRC, but apologizing to a moron for infringing on your freedom without cause is cowardice. That is the peeve I have with Mr. Dibba. He is free to align/associate himself with any legal political arrangement, but he is abetting and condoning an atmosphere of lawlessness by actions like this:

The former Speaker of the national assembly, Mr. Sherrif Mustapha Dibba paid a courtesy call on President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh at State House today. Mr. Dibba, who was speaker of the assembly until a week and a half ago when he was removed for alleged involvement in the failed March 21st.Coup attempt went to State House to pay his allegiance to President Jammeh.

During an emotional meeting in the cabinet room, Mr. Dibba thanked the president for the opportunity to have served as Speaker of National Assembly. He also pledged his allegiance to President Jammeh and the ruling APRC Party. Mr. Dibba also made it clear that he will fully support President Jammeh during the coming months when the campaign heats up. He also thanked the president for his visionary leadership and commended the great work he has undertaken since taking the realm of power.

The kind of fear Yahya Jammeh instil in grown men is beyond comprehension. Yep you read it right. He locked Dibba up for taking part in a bogus coup that never happened, took his job from him and what did he get in return? An apology offcourse…


3 Responses to Yahya’s Bamboozlement

  1. tony brookes says:

    The man is unbelievable….my wife is Gambian and she still worries for her family in Serrekunda because of this capricious man

  2. cynthia says:

    When we were in slavery, many things happened to us before some of us submitted to the enslaver. Jammeh hasn’t done nearly the things to Gambians for this man (if you can call him that) to submit to him in this fashion. What a shame…

  3. I agree with you Cynthia. There is no defense of such cowardly behavior.

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