Escaped huh?

News reaching us this afternoon has indicated that five coup suspects have escaped while en route to Jangjangbureh Prisons. According to report, the vehicle in which they were traveling in plunged into a ditch when the vehicle almost somersaulted and the five suspects escaped. They include: Daba Marenah (former National Intelligence Agency director), Lt. Alieu Ceesay; Alpha Bah, Staff Sergent Manlafi Corr; and Lt. Ebou Lowe. Their whereabouts is not yet clear. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens are apprehensive about purported claims of escaped prisoners, as the individuals concerned are high profile detainees that the government might find worrisome. Others allege they may have been summarily executed. …allgambian

Why is it that I don’t believe this story for a minute? What happened to the guards? Mind you these are ‘supposedly very dangerous men’, who try to over threw a government a few days ago. The convoy taking them to Janjanbureh will be heavily guarded, most likely the convoy will consist of numerous vehicles. How in the world will they escape if one of those vehicles get involved in an accident?

For the sake of argument, lets say the convoy is made up of one vehicle. Are they the only survivors? What happened to the guards? Are they not restrained in some fashion? how did they get rid of their restraints if any?

So many questions and no tangle explanations. I smell a rat. I hope these men come out of this alive and well.


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