Nadd falling apart

The ambitious project that is Nadd is withering under our very eyes. There is a realignment taking place in opposition politics in the Gambia. Nadd has become a shell of what it was supposed to be. The latest deserter of the Nadd camp is the PPP:

Mr Yaya Ceesay, chairman of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), has stated categorically clear that the PPP is no more part and parcel of the National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD). The veteran politician, who walked into our offices yesterday morning to ‘set records straight’ following our Monday lead story on PPP where Omar Jallow was quoted as denying the withdrawal of PPP from NADD, said that the PPP withdrew from NADD on 3 March. “The decision was reached at after majority of us voted in favour of the withdrawal of the PPP from NADD,” he explained, adding “Now we are planning to meet the UDP/ NRP alliance with a view to discuss with them the possibility of joining their camp.”…entire story

This latest development makes the utterances of Lamin Waa Juwara untenable. Case in point the speech he gave at a Sukuta rally:

“I’m older than Darboe. I’m more experienced in politics than Darboe, please extend my message to him that I said let him come back to NADD as his actions can only help Jammeh in achieving his goal. Darboe should know that Gambia is his only pride and not the presidency. Please tell him I said if he still need power let him come and lead NADD because none of us is interested in power,but all we want to see if a free democratic Gambia” Mbarodi challenges Darboe, as he accuses him of being power hungry.

Waa is comical if the stakes are not so high. What Waa refused to understand is that there is no incentive for Darbo to come back to NADD when parties and personalities are leaving nadd to join his UDP/NRP alliance. Nadd today constitutes mainly of PDOIS. NDAM…Juwara’s party is a nonenity in a broader political sense. They’ve never contested a single election in the history of that nation. Their support base is miniscule and borderlining on non-existence. That is not an enviable bargaining position and it sure as hell is not a bullying platform.

Another thing that bugs me is his obsession with Ousainou Darbo. He turn NADD’s rallies into a darbo bashing fest. While Halifa Sallah challenge the government on its failed policies, Waa is calling Ousainou power hungry. Yeah that sure will work. Ousainou will be scared straight and come running back to NADD. You don’t constantly malign people and in the next breath urge them to join you. What kind of rational is that? Experienced politician my neck.

It is time for people working to see an end to Yaya Jammeh’s tyranny to wake up and smell the coffee. NADD is a failed project and sticking to it obtusely will derail any chance we have at toppling APRC. Politics is a blood sport. NADD has been bloodied and there is not a lot of fight left in this dog. The UDP/NRP alliance has the support base to start with. It will be prudent to allign the rest of the opposition elements with this alliance, put in place modalities for governance and stop this madness. Alternatively the camps can stake their positions, refuse the rational thing. Consequently, we could kiss the october elections goodbye and say hello to five more years of Yaya’s tyranny.


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