Picture is worth a…?

This is Yahya Jammeh’s idea of political reconciliation…Parading an old man who has very little or no political influence whatsoever. True there are Jawara loyalist out there, but a decade after he was ousted from power, his influence has waned to virtually non-existence. This is a classic case of elderly abuse.

But come to think of it, love him or hate him, Yahya Jammeh is getting pretty good at politics. While his purported opponents are fighting amongst themselves…seemingly unable to agree on a leader, he is parading the 80 something year old ex president in a charade that made him look like a uniter and not the abysmal and incompetent person he is.

A picture, they say is worth a thousand words. You’ve got to feel for Dr. Jawara looking at that photo. It should be a lesson for Yahya. History is at his arms length and he should be the wiser for it. A decade ago Dr. Jawara was in charge and today or on the day that photo was taken, he was just a caricature of a has been. God works in mysterious ways.

Photo:Progressive Africans

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