NADD…Halifa Sets Records Straight

The Point Newspaper has the following story posted on their web site:

As rumours continue to mill round town regarding a leadership “crisis” in the ranks of NADD, the Alliance’s Co-ordinator, Hon. Halifa Sallah, has elucidated that one would not be correct to refer to the state of affairs in NADD as a crisis. For Hon. Sallah, crisis emerges in an organisation when the contradictions between members become irreconcilable.

“I can state without any hesitation that NADD has not reached such a state. For your information, the Brikama rally was not specifically organised to introduce NADD’s flag-bearer,” NADD co-ordinator said in an interview with this paper.

“The public meeting was scheduled as a part of the programme for the commemoration of the first anniversary of NADD’s existence. Rumours however spread rapidly that NADD’s flag-bearer would be introduced at the rally. Consequently, thousands of people intended to come to the meeting to witness the
event,” he added.

According to him, NADD would have in fact held a press conference to present the flag-bearer to the public before the Brikama rally.

“Unfortunately, we could not reach a conclusion when we first met to select a flag-bearer by nominations. The health condition of a member of the executive gave rise to postponement of the next scheduled date for decision – making,” Hon. Sallah also the National Assembly member for Serekunda Central said. He explained that since information regarding the failure to reach a consensus had
spread, some members of the executive felt that what people would hold to be paramount at the rally is the naming of a flag-bearer.

“They therefore suggested for a postponement so as to prevent a betrayal of the expectation of the public,” he posited.

Which begs the question what is Dr. Saine talking about when he wrote:

The ongoing political furor over Omar Jallow’s (OJ) selection as the presidential candidate for the 2006 presidential elections and not Ousainou Darboe by NADD’s Executive can not be contested on grounds of OJ’s electability.

Because according to the coordinator for NADD (Halifa Sallah) no such thing happened. Here is the money quote from that story:

“Unfortunately, we could not reach a conclusion when we first met to select a flag-bearer by nominations. The health condition of a member of the executive gave rise to postponement of the next scheduled date for decision – making,”

Ok bear with me for a second while I try to understand what Mr. Sallah meant when he said “we could not reach a conclusion”. I Got it. Phew that was hard to figure out. But smart readers out there already figured that out. Which brings me to another point that is itching me: what motivates Dr. Saine to write such an erroneous piece? That I can’t answer, but he has reveal the hand he is dealing with in this endeavor. The rest of us yearning for an orderly resolution to this selection process better wake up and take a stand.


4 Responses to NADD…Halifa Sets Records Straight

  1. Cynthia says:

    What if Dr. Saine is correct and Halifa is being diplomatic? I guess the big question is – where did Dr. Saine get his information. If Dr. Saine doesn’t have a history of lying, then could he have exposed something that shouldn’t have been exposed? It is obvious that something is wrong, but what?

  2. ousman ceesay says:

    I think it is more about motives. What motivated Dr. Saine to write a piece that more or less is portraying one of the executives(Darbo) as the spoiler when we are told by both Halifa and Sam that negotitiation are still in progress. These gentlemen are part of the executive. Dr. Saine is not. Anybody who knew Halifa or Sam will tell you that they don’t mince words. They are as straight forward as humanly possible. If what Dr. Saine wrote is what transpired, diplomacy will not be Halifa’s tact.The professor throw raw meat out there and refuse to respond to enquiries as to the source of his statements. the only thing the rest of us can do is compare what he is said to what the coordinator of NADD is saying.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I see what you are saying. You have the weigh the integrity of all parties. And, if Dr. Saine won’t defend what he said, it really makes you wonder. Very interesting…

  4. Lamin Sarr says:

    Ousman…you disappeared from the Gambia Post ever since you were caught with your pants down…plagiarizing in a big way! Well, I guess mistakes do happen, but yours was a balant disregard for copyright infringment. Anyhow, just hoping that you will now desist from all forms of knowingly stealing other people’s work. Your failure to do so will cause somebody to call Hamjatta on you :-).Take care bro!Lamin Sarr

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