Sam Sarr Clarifies

This reporter spoke to Sam Sarr of the Foroyaa news paper an executive member of the opposition coalition who was in the midst of the selection process to throw light on what transpired and the state of the leadership nominations. Mr. Sarr clarified that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the coalition required the executive (12 members) to select a flag-bearer. According to him, the executive met to carryout the mandate of selecting the flag-bearer. Three members were nominated, Omar Jallow, Halifa Sallah (party coordinator), and
Ousainou Darboe. Halifa Sallah turned down his nomination on grounds of safeguarding the integrity of the selection process. Lawyer Darboe too withdrew his nomination following Halifa’s declining of the nudge.

So let me get this straight…three candidates were nominated, two withdrew their nominations and a vote on the third candidate never happen. If my comprehension is right then where in the world did the authors of this piece get their information from when they wrote this?

Earlier, lawyer Darboe, was proposed by Mr.Yahya Jallow, UDP’S, Deputy, but had no one to second him. Ms.Amie Sillah, of the PDOIS, nominated Mr.Halifa Sallah, NADD coordinator. Like Jallow, Sallah, too was seconded. However, our source said that Halifa in a gesture of magnanimity declined his nomination, which automatically propelled OJ, to the front.

Because according Sam Sarr’s account of the events no such thing transpired. Read on:

Mr. Sarr went on to clarify that it was untrue that Darboe was the one who objected OJ’s nomination in order to consult his party members. In contrast, executive members unanimously agreed it was appropriate at that juncture to call off the selection process to take time to sleep over their decision making process and return to tackle the issue on another date. “No final decisions were made during that meeting, it was just nominations and nothing more”, lamented Mr. Sarr.

According Mr. Sarr feedback the party is receiving hinted that the nomination of OJ, a former minister in the PPP government did not settle well with many NADD supporters within and outside the country. He went on to say that the executive have no choice but to take into consideration the wishes and aspirations of the people. “It is our hope that when we meet again on the issue, we will reach a consensus on a salable candidate for the people. If the executive cannot agree on a candidate, then the process has to the handed to the people as required by the MOU”, concluded Sam.

I will take Sam Sarr’s word over Kebba Jallows on this issue anytime. Who is the Nadd Executive that Kebba Jallow is refering to here:

Reacting to the story, Kebba Jallow, former KMC Chairman, confirmed our story and said he had been in constant touch with the NADD leadership on the nomination. “This is an encouraging step for NADD to take this decisive initiative to move forward,”said Mr. Jallow

Which begs the question: is there a concerted hatchet job directed at Ousainou Darbo? Why was he singled out by these folks as the only holdout when Sam Sarr is telling us that the man in fact withdrew his nomination to lead the coalition? He has been called all sorts of names since the publication of this article. I think it is time for every one not intimately involve in the decision making process to take a chill pill, calm down and let the process take its course. Publishing unsubstantiated and hatchet jobs that throws a negative light on some one who could end up leading the coalition is not the smartest thing to do if you have the interst of that entity at heart.


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