Patience is in order

It looks like the much anticipated unveiling of NADD’s flag bearer has been put on ice. The purported rally that was slated to take place in Brikama for this purpose has been postponed as well until further notice. The reason? Well they are still ironing out certain things…like massaging egos. But I digress.

However if you believe what Pa Nderry is reporting here and here then UDP and by extension it’s secretary general Ousainou Darbo are the only hold outs.

Personally, I have no clue what is transpiring on the ground, but I took solace in the press release sent out by STGDP and reproduced below:

For Immediate Release
Friday, January 20, 2006

The Political Liaison for STGDP, Mr. Maila Touray, and the PublicRelations Officer, Ms. Sigga Jagne, yesterday, Thursday, January 19, 2006,spoke to the Coordinator of NADD, the Honorable Halifah Sallah, regardingthe current status of NADD’s Flag Bearer selection process.

Honorable Sallah stated that NADD, using the procedures mandated within the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as agreed upon by all the five political
parties comprising NADD, is indeed in the beginning stages of selecting a Flag Bearer. He reiterated the importance of the stages in the process of selecting a Flag Bearer and that NADD is going through these stages as required.

Mr. Sallah categorically reaffirmed that all parties and individuals that formed the basis of NADD are fully participating in the selection process.He further reiterated that NADD is strong and intact, as ever, and continues to maintain a strong support from Gambians on the ground, andall over the world.

The NADD executive will reconvene to continue the selection process
asmandated in the MOU. An official statement will be released by NADD assoon as
the selection process is finalized and a Flag Bearer is chosen.

The STGDP hereby appeals to all Gambians and friends in and outside Gambia to continue to support and strengthen our confidence in the democratic process as manifested by the NADD leadership all these years. We want to assure all that STGDP will do anything possible to continue to remind the NADD leadership of the position of Gambians and friends especially those in the Diaspora.The STGDP Political Liaison and Public Relations Officer will continue to communicate with the NADD executive, and share the information garnered from them with the rest of the Gambians and friends within the Diaspora.

Musa JengInterim Chairman
Save The Gambia Democracy Project (STGDP)

Democracy is messy and getting five different ambitions to come to a consensus no matter how noble the cause might be is not an easy task. A little patience on the side of those of us out of this delicate decision making process is in order. I blog, you decide.


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