NADD to Name Flag-bearer Saturday…Point

Reports reaching The Point intimate that the National Alliance for Democracy and
Development (NADD) has concluded arrangements to name its flag-bearer this Saturday. The flag-bearer will serve as a running-mate of president Jammeh in
this year’s presidential elections. According to sources, NADD will hold a mass political rally in Brikama wherein the flag-bearer is expected to be announced.

A NADD source told this paper that the rally is expected to draw opposition supporters and sympathisers from across the country. “This will mark another watershed in the history of the opposition alliance,” the source concluded.

This development will put to rest the rumor going around that NADD is in disarray, provided Point’s source is not pulling a fast one on them. I did some conjecturing myself last friday when I wrote:

Could it be that NADD’s executive settled on Ousainou Darbo and Waa Juwara
objected. These two fellows have fallen out over tactics and it is conceivable that after what transpired between them after the last presidential election, that Waa will argue against the leadership of Darbo on the grounds that he will acquiesce when the going gets tough. And believe me folks it only get tougher from here on.

However, supporters of Nadd ( I count myself among them) will be thrill at this prospect. We can spend the next nine months strategizing and implementing those strategies to take our country back from the grips of tyranny that is Yahya Jammeh.


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