Ranting on Alito

As I watch the confirmation hearing of Sam Alito on C-span, I think it would be nice if the Democrats were to gridlock the Senate whether the Republicans used the nuclear option or not. Hell with it – no more legislation until the Culture Of Corruption gets cleaned up. Declare an ethics emergency (or a corruption conundrum) and just slam on the brakes. Hmmm.

I’m tired of all this… FISA is black letter law and if Alito feels the executive is right in pulling a “Dirty Harry” then let him have the balls to stand up say so and pray Democrats have the balls to call him on it. The man has no integrity. His whole career is based on saying whatever it takes to get a damn job. His choking up in claiming that no one is above the law sickened me. Only made worse by the possibility that he actually feels that the executive has such power in the role of commander in chief. I’ve always felt the original vote to give Bush sweeping powers after 9/11 was the dumbest thing since they gave Tupac the gun in “Juice”. To me strict constructionists like Scalia and Thomas can afford to be lazy thanks to past courts having the fortitude to stand up for those that were not able to embrace “America’s promise”. Thanks to courts that stood up in Brown vs. board of education and other cases judges like Alito, Scalia, and Thomas can show up on C-Span running their mouths about strict constructionism.

Well, having Alito booted would certainly give the Conservative Right an opportunity to play their favorite role: aggrieved victim. And abortion has played a favorite fund-raising and get-out-the-vote role for them for the past decades — why would they want to end that game now? But I digress.

I am still very wary of the Beltway Democrats, though. Any day I expect Lieberman to come out with a rant against anyone opposing Alito. Or maybe Biden calling him “old buddy.” The last few years have left me with no faith in the Democratic leadership to oppose the Republicans with anything like a forceful argument.

The folks at Firedoglake are doing a great run down on the hearings


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