Kanilai medicine

Damn. Shit is hitting the fan in the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh has perfected the art of con artistry. He is now peddling some bullshit that purportedly cures an assortment of ailments including sexually transmitted diseases. This at a time when AIDS is wrecking havoc on the continent of Africa.

Here is the story as reported in the Daily Observer:

Kanilai medicine reputed to cure a wide range of ailments, including diarrhoea, malaria, headache, muscular pain, and partial blindness, was on Friday formally introduced into the Gambian market at the July 22 Square in Banjul.

Bottled in two different sizes of Naturelle plastic containers, Kanilai medicine was sold at D100 and D300 to hundreds of Gambians who queued up to buy the popular medicine that had been showcased at the second National Trade Fair at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

According to President Jammeh, who graced the selling of the latest locally produced medicines with his presence, Kanilai medicine is efficacious against Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs) and abdominal pains, as well as helping to regularise menstrual periods.

He described the preparation of the medicine as “hectic and time consuming”, explaining that its preparation is accompanied by the recitation of the Holy Scriptures.

The Gambian leader warned the public against buying the medicine from unauthorised agents. “People are unscrupulous. They can dilute this and start
selling it to people. You can buy from us directly. “It will be futile for anyone to obtain or buy the medicine from any where else without coming to us.

“We are only selling it in bottles of Naturell with codes. Next time we’re selling it, we are going to change the codes,” he said.Besieged by a crowd of appreciative buyers, President Jammeh in his characteristic magnanimity, gave out bottles of the Kanilai medicine free to the elderly and students.

When you think he can’t get any worse, Yahya Jammeh always come with another stupid idea that blows you away. The saddest thing is that our people fall for his bamboozlement and spend their scarce resources buying the dictator’s crap.


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