Corry Maye & the Death Penalty

I am against the death penalty for multitude of reasons, chief among which is the belief that innocent people are caught up in the justice system and end up getting executed for lack of adequate defense and other social vices that may be at play especially RACE.

Stanley Tookie Williams may not be the best poster child for opponents of the death penalty, but the push to get him clemency is a just cause. However it will be a tactical mistake on the part of death penalty activist to use him as a catalyst in their fight against the death penalty.

The case for Cory Maye, who is sitting on death row in Mississippi has spark an alliance between the left and right across the blogosphere. Battlepanda is urging the creation of a blogstorm from both sides of the political spectrum to create publicity about one of the most blatant miscarriages of justice in recent history.

Battlepanda links to the Agitator’s excellent ongoing coverage:

Let’s summarize: Cops mistakenly break down the door of a sleeping man, late at night, as part of drug raid. Turns out, the man wasn’t named in the warrant, and wasn’t a suspect. The man, frightened for himself and his 18-month old daughter,
fires at an intruder who jumps into his bedroom after the door’s been kicked in. Turns out that the man, who is black, has killed the white son of the town’s police chief. He’s later convicted and sentenced to death by a white jury. The man has no criminal record, and police rather tellingly changed their story about drugs (rather, traces of drugs) in his possession at the time of the raid.

Hammer of Truth has been doing an excellent summarization of the case and has links to the blogs getting in on this, as well as contact information and letter suggestions for the governor of Mississippi.

As usual, the mainstream media is AWOL on this whole thing. The blogs are the only avenue pushing against this travesty of justice. If this was a story about some damsel missing in Aruba it will be all over the cable channels 24/7. It goes to show their priorities.


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