Ousainou Darbo on VOA

Click here to listen to the interview Ousainou Darbo (Leader of UDP) and an executive member of NADD granted to James Butty of the Voice of America on Monday November the 16th 2005.

Granted this and other interviews that are granted by the opposition to foreign based news outlets like the VOA and the BBC serve a purpose. But the people who need to get assurances the most…(the opposition supporters on the ground) are still not well informed as to what Mr. Darbo and the rest of NADD’s executive are doing to get their colleagues release from illegal detention.

Mr. Darbo used very strong language to denounce the actions of the government on VOA. He should be commended for doing that. My concern is that I haven’t heard or read from any source that he made any such statement available for domestic consumption. Yeah I understand that GRTS ( radio and Tv) will not cover it, but calling a news conference and demanding the immediate and unconditional release of his comrades will be a morale booster for NADD’s supporters. Putting on a barristers hat and challenging an illegal actions is a bad political move. Yahya Jammeh is making a political statement…he is telling the electorate in a very subtle manner that NADD’s leadership is made up of wimps. If they can’t protect themselves, they sure ain’t in hell going to protect a country. If he (Yahya) gets a positive reaction out of this illegal action, then he wins. A positive reaction for Yahya in this case will come about if NADD instead of a show of strenght ran to the mercenary judges that Gambia’s judiciary is stacked with for help.

A show of strenght on NADD’s part will involve calling their supporters to the street demanding in a non-violent way the release of their leaders. We in the diaspora get castigated for saying that. But what our detractors failed to understand is that we are part of this fight like the people on the ground. Granted we are not physically in harms way but our parents, siblings and other family members are. Also we are not seeking to lead a nation. If you are ambitious as to seek the leadership of a nation, their is a price to pay. It doesn’t come on a silver platter especially when the opponent is a murderous dictator. Just ask Mandela.


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