NADD Leaders Arrested


We have just received news of the arrest and detention of Omar Jallow (OJ),
Hamat Bah and Halifa Sallah of the NADD Executive Committee, at around 5.30pm
this evening. We have confirmation that the trio are currently being held at the
Central Prisons in mile 2.

Our sources have also confirmed that Hamat Bah’s residence has been searched by security forces in connection with what the government radio and television stations referred to as “subversive activities”.

We await further news on the arrest and detention of
the NADD leadership and will keep you informed of developments as they

However it appears that the president has made good his “korite day” threats to “deal” with the opposition Alliance. Again he has demonstrated his contempt for the rule of law, democratic norms and civilised behaviour. However he is put on notice that the opposition will not be cowed into submission, whatever he does.

The MRDGUK registers it collective disgust at this illegal act and states that the arrest and detention of Mrssers Jallow, Bah and Sallah is an illegal and deplorable act; not in compliance with due process and we condemn it without reservation. These gentlemen should have been arraigned before a competent court of law before their detention at the central prison. The opposition will not tolerate this illegality and we demand their immediate release pending the application of due process, which we believe will exculpate all three opposition leaders.


I hope the rest of the executive members of NADD do not take the passive route. It is time to call your supporters to take to the streets in a non-violent upsurge to demand the release of your comrades. If you resort to the Kangaroo courts that are stacked against you by the mercenary judges, the end result will be disasterous for the morale of your supporters. Yahya Jammeh… like every other dictator is a coward. If the opposition alliance can muster the courage to call their supporters to take to the street demanding the release of these folks, he will relent before you can count to two. The boost in opposition morale from such non-violent peaceful citizen power will carry the opposition to victory come 2006. But if NADD executive lawyered up to fight this trangression then we might as well fold the mat, because the game is over…2006 will be a lost cause.

To Halifa, Hamat and O.J our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are proud of your sacrifices.

Could this and this be the reason for their arrest. Dictators can’t handle the truth.


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