Virginia viewers of the post-Redskins-Eagles ESPN Sportscenter were graced with a political ad entirely in Spanish, a Service Employees International Union
endorsement of Democrat Tim Kaine in tomorrow’s Virginia governor’s race.

In a joint campaign appearance with Kaine, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson pronounced that “the multiethnic component of Northern Virginia is going to be critical” on Election Day. Kaine’s approach to winning that vote is to oppose local
enforcement of immigration laws

Given that learning English is required for U.S. citizenship and only U.S. citizens are supposed to vote, the SEIU is targeting who exactly with this Spanish-only strategy?…Jim boulet

Jim Boulet is either fundamentally dishonest or ignorant about immigration issues to write the above. Learning English is not required for US citizenship. Granted, you need some proficiency in English for naturalization, but how any intelligent person can turn that into wholesale learning is intellectually dishonest to say the least. Besides proficiency doesn’t mean fluency.

If Jim wasn’t out to disparage Kaine he would’ve inform his readers that the Republican candidate in the same Virginia race…Jerry Kilgore is running his own Spanish language website. Furthermore the white house website has a Spanish language component as well. Who exactly are they targeting Jim? Unlike you I believe they are communicating to the millions of American citizens who happened to speak Spanish as a first language. Therefore it’s perfectly legitimate for Kaine to appeal to Spanish-speaking Latinos. Latinos represent a significant share of the population in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, and are not insignificant in Fairfax County. It will be political suicide not to appeal to them in a language they speak fluently to get your message across. Using code words to malign a people because they happen to speak a different language is taking demagoguery to far.


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