Yahya’s Priorities…Gambia’s Loss

New Presidential Carrier Arrives
Friday 28th October 2005

The government has announced the arrival of a new Presidential aircraft at the Banjul International Airport in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A press release from the Office of the President says the carrier – an IL 62 N Aircraft is equipped with modern safety devices and conveniences including a VIP configuration. The release says that the aircraft has been acquired within the framework of the technical assistance and the friendly relationship between The Gambia and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

This latest gesture by the Taiwanese government is a further manifestation of the ever-increasing mutual support and friendship between Banjul and Taipei the release stated.

Here comes the insult:

Water Shortage Hits Janjanbureh Jammeh Urged to Intervene
Friday 28th October 2005
By Momodou Justice Darboe

The provincial town of Janjangbureh in the Central River Division is currently experiencing an acute water shortage, reports say.

According to sources, the water scarcity that has persisted now for several weeks running is now threatening to degenerate to a full-blown crisis.

The Point gathered from interviews with some residents of the town that the people of Janjangbureh, especially women, are at present going through trying times to obtain potable water. An appeal is therefore being made to president Jammeh as Secretary of State for energy to intervene and ameliorate the problem.

“Mr. President, we strongly appeal to you to look into this matter and rescue us from our unceasing hardship. We are very much concerned about our health and that of our children as we have to depend on the river to get water,” posited a resident.

My take:

After reading these two stories, and you still think Yahya Jammeh is doing even a marginally decent job in running the affairs of state, I will not hesitate to call your case hopeless. Anyone with an once of conscience after reading these two stories will tell you that Yahya Jammeh has his freaking priorities effed up. On a second thought it is Gambians that are getting screwed. Yahya has his priorities straight. He is going to squeeze us out of every butut he could. His family, he told us will never want for anything as long as they live. So brace yourselves countrymen, if you want to get poorer and keep begging for hand outs from your own government, vote for Yahya, but if you want to be in charge of your own destiny, you know what to do come October 2006.

The stories are courtesy of the Point. I produced them here in their entirety to avoid broken links associated with most of their stories I linked to before. I may be pushing the envelop of fair use here though.


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