Black Enough?

Detroit is not the crime hell hole that it is portrayed to be around the country. Granted there is a lot of work to do to curb crime in Motown. Unfortunately the city had to layoff 150 police officers, 75 firefighters and 10 battalion chiefs in a bid to reduce a $300 million budget deficit and avoid the take over of it financial management by the state.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s conduct during his first term hasn’t been helpful either. His behavior ranging from cookie jar raids to a city produced cable news attack segment on a TV reporter who got under the mayor’s skin has been a frequent embarrassment for the city.

So now, fittingly with a month before the November mayoral elections, some of Kilpatrick’s supporters who decline to say anything when the mayor proposed a junk food tax as part of his fiscal vision are mounting an insidious slur…emphasizing that his challenger Freman Hendrix isn’t black enough

The term black enough always trip me out. You will think that after all these years of living in this experiment called America; I should have a fairly good grip on the intricacies that are involved with the issue of melanin. You would be wrong… I can’t fathom why people of African descent, no matter the hue of their melanin still harbor such attitudes towards each other. Yeah I understand the slavery angle, but do we as a people have to harbor grudges against each other regarding whose ancestors got a worse treatment from the slave master? Who gets to pick cotton and who stays in the house to do chores? We are in this together now and the faster we get that through and through the better for our future.


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