Approximately $2 billion US with much of the money coming in the form of U.S. government assistance. Each settler family will receive between $200,000 to $300,000 US and the opportunity to relocate to other communities being created for them inside Israel proper. Most of the houses, synagogues, buildings and military infrastructure in the settlements will be destroyed before the land is handed over to the Palestinians.

And now this:

But the bulk of the money would go into a Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief fund that is offering debit cards of $2,000 per household to victims evacuated from homes in Louisiana and Mississippi. FEMA anticipates handing out 320,000 cards, at a cost of $640 million, to help displaced residents buy clothing, pay for transportation and other “emergency supplies they need,” Director Michael Brown said.

That is right our government is paying Gaza settlers a hundred times more to vacate land they shouldn’t be on in the first place as opposed to helping citizens displaced by Katrina.

The Jewish settlers are getting $2 billion dollars distributed amongst 8000 families while the administration is touting the spending of only $640 million in the form of $2000 debit cards to American citizens displaced by the worst natural disaster that ever hit this shores. This is an outrage.


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