Don’t call them Looters

Why is the NewYork times and the rest of the media calling these poor souls trapped in New Orleans “Looters”? Why is some hungry flooded human being going into flooded, filthy grocery store to get something to eat looting? What do they want them to do? Starve to death?

Looters usually break into stores to steal TVs etc while their owners are force to flee violence…but calling hungry people scavenging in grocery stores for food looters. Baghdad in March ’03 and L.A. after the Rodney King trail…now that is what I call looting. These poor flood trapped folks are wading through toxic water to get their hands on some damn provisions, which for all we know might be contaminated as well.

Which store owner is coming to his/her submerged store claiming damn they are stealing the doritos? In any case they are insured and the pepsi that some thirsty person drink will be bad by the time all is said and done. Frankly the damn provision will float away, or rot if these hungry, thirsty homeless people didn’t use them.

Stop calling people stuck in an inhabitable city who must eat Looters. It is not like the corner store is open for business in any part of New Orleans to me.


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