Farmer Jammeh?

Can you say slave labor? How many Gambian farmers with the luxury of free labor at the disposal of dear leader will not produce what he does on his Kanilai farm? I only wish my old man had such an abundance of able body people willing to help on our “sulu-dinka” farms…he would’ve died a rich farmer…oh well life bites. However if you listen to our comedian in chief tell it, he is the best farmer Kambia has ever produce.. I am not making this up :

Dr. Jammeh said he is a natural farmer who believes in leadership by example.
“If I tell people go to the land and am sitting down, they will say; after all,
he is telling people to go to the land but what is he doing. After all, there is
no law that says the president cannot be a farmer. So I lead by example and I
think that is why the people heeded my call,”

But wait a minute here. How much are you paying this women to till the land for you while you hold unto your walking cane and prayer beads? Do any of these women farmers stand a chance competing against you when they are working for you “Li lahi wa-rasul” ( for free)? Shouldn’t they be working on their own fields?


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