Please indulge me

Mr. President, Dr. Alhagi etc..

I am a cynic who believes in the inhabitancy of something good in every human being. Having said that, I’m really trying to understand what’s going on inside your head. I desperately need you to try and explain something to me.

For starters, I must admit my reflexive cynicism when it comes to anything dealing with politics, but for the moment, I’m putting aside that attitude and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. Starting with your motivations for striving to become the President in the first place. How did you out smart or talk people like Edward Singhateh, Sanna Sabally and the rest of the purported coup leaders into making you the leader of an adventure many belief you only played a side kick in? I’m assuming you made them felt that you were the man for the job because you care, you have a vision for our nation, and that you feel deeply that you have the understanding and the wisdom to lead the country in the direction it needs to go. That’s right, isn’t it? Correct me at any time you feel like I swayed from the truth.

Mr. President, reasonable thinking people can disagree on whether the coup that brought you to power and ended the three-decade rule of Sir Dawda was necessary. On hindsight many a supporter of yours at the outset are wishing you never grace the helm of the ship called the Republic of the Gambia. There can be no real disagreement that things are not going well at all for the citizenry of that nation…again don’t forget to set me straight any time during this write up that you feel I am impugning your character, success or whatever your dictatorial psyche compel you to do. A majority of Gambians by any measure of progress have never been this destitute in their life…thank you very much sire.

This finally brings me to my question:

Mr. President, how can you possibly even THINK about going on an annual leave/vacation when you never show up for work in the first place? How do I know that? Well the last time I was in the Gambia, you didn’t show up for work in Banjul for the duration of my stay. Isn’t that where your office is supposed to be? Is it a matter of emulating that crazy Texan who send his country’s finest to die in messopotamia (iraq) while he clear brush on his ranch? I just don’t get it. If I were President and made the gut wrenching decisions that wrought so much socio-economic, near destitute havoc on the citizenry, saying I am going on vacation to Kanilai (or saba in my case…yeah dream I can) will be my last thought. No?

With all due respect, your behavior continues to bear out that my cynicism about your true motivations and your true character is logical and warranted. What you maybe wondering is this cynicism is all about? Well I believe your only motivation is to rack up billions of dalasis for you and yours and the rest of the nation be damn. No?

Please explain it to me, Mr. President. I’d truly like to believe that, though I might disagree about policies, my president is a moral person with some character who has the interest of his people at heart. (I was hallucinating on the last sentence). It is comical if the issues confronting my people are not so serious.


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