There is only one thing American’s care about, and that’s winning. They don’t really care about being lied too, just as long as you pull it off. That’s why the lies about the Iraq invasion never caught traction before now. As long as we could win, no one cared that much. The reason things have dramatically tanked recently for Bush, is that Americans have seen this movie before, and they know we are not winning. Elections took place in Iraq and all hell broke loose.

Americans cannot tolerate losing because success is a central American myth. Americans define themselves as successful, and all powerful. Loss is not part of the American dream. That is what made Vietnam such a festering sore, we lost! Messed with our heads and ego big time. And the American people will punish anyone severely who messes with their myths. Witness Johnson and Carter.

That’s why Democrats should be happy that Kerry lost. If he had won a squeaker, he would have tried to make some changes, but Iraq would have gone downhill anyway. It has been too late in Iraq for awhile. Thus, the American people would come to think we were losing with Kerry in office. And he would preside over a disaster. No, Bush launched this unwinnable war, let him and the Repugs reap the benefits of it. The sad irony is that so many innocent men and women are losing their lives and livelihoods because these clowns (bush &Co) have to get Saddam.


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