Letting your self get bullied is just the best way to look weak and pathetic. I am glad Halifa and the other opposition members of National Assembly are taking the clerk of that body (national assembly), the attorney general and my erstwhile employer (the independent electoral commission) to court.

The dispute is over the penchant letter that the clerk sent to the opposition members of the assembly urging them to vacate their seats because of a constitutional provision that even a layman like yours truly can discern. The provision he made reference to state thus:

Section (91) (1) (d) of the Constitution, which states that;
“A Member of the National Assembly shall vacate his or her Seat in the National Assembly, if he or she ceases to be a Member of the political party of which he or she was a Member at the time of his or her election”.

Bear with me here. I am kinda slow. But has any one of these opposition figures left their respective parties? Isn’t NADD a coalition of those parties? Which by the way remain separate legal entities with valid registrations. Where is the freaking vacancy?

Who is behind this shenanigan? The clerk’s role in situations of vacancies is to inform the electoral commission as such and not to take it upon himself to declare seats vacant. This is a test of character for NADD. If they let Yaya and his cronies dictate the rules of the game, they can’t cry foul at the results. Sue their ass and if the mercenary judges thwart your efforts, call your supporters to take to the streets.


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