What is wrong with this picture?

Let me get this straight. A member of CONGRESS delivering petitions signed by millions of Americans and 105 other members of congress is not allowed past the White House gates?

A petition signed by almost 1 in every 500 Americans and the President doesn’t even have the decency to let the Congressman delivering it past the front gates?

Common decency. In typical Bush Co fashion, this administration thinks that if they ignore him, he will go away. Ignore it is their mantra. If we ignore the insurgency, it’ll die down. If we ignore the reports of Gitmo abuse, people won’t think there’s a problem. If we ignore the fact that the poll numbers are sinking, no one will notice. So they won’t answer to 105 Representatives of the people, who, by the way, represent MILLIONS of Americans.

This is what it’s come to. This is yet another lowlight in Bush’s presidency. Like a spoiled five-year old, he’s giving Congress (and by extension, millions of Americans), the silent treatment.
So remember this picture. Remember the day the President of the United States refused to let members of Congress pass those gates. Not because they pose a “security threat”; not because they were violent, but because our President is a big, spoiled, whining baby who thinks if he doesn’t look under the bed, the big bad monster will go away.

Well, we’re not going away. Conyers would have stood there all night, if not for his age. The truth is ugly. And scary. And it’s there, whether Georgie wants to see it or not.


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