Allah’s Bank at Work?

President Yahya Jammeh has pledged another sum of D1M and D100, 000 for every goal scored by the national Under-17 football team in Sunday’s final. In addition, the President was able to inspire institutions, companies and individuals to pledge D2.735M. He further pledged 40 percent contribution towards the air tickets of the team to the World Under-17 championship in Peru.

What can I say? The guy gets loans from Allah… Am I been sarcastic? Hell no. I am mad as they come. This kleptocrat stole the taxpayers’ money, stashed it into foreign bank accounts and on occasions like this give some of it back as if he earned the damn thing in the first place. He got the balls to tell us that the money comes from Allah’s bank. What is he thinking? That Gambians are morons, that they won’t realize there is no such thing as Allah’s Bank. The fact he is an armed robber who has been keeping them hostage for ten years too long hasn’t been lost on them.


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