Voices of Diasporans [STGDP Announcement]

Save The Gambia Democracy Project is proud to announce the official launching of the Voices of Diasporans (VOD) short-wave radio broadcast on June 4, 2005.

VOD can be heard on 9405KHZ (9.4MHZ) on the 31 Meter Band of your short-wave radio every Saturday from 2000hrs to 2030hrs GMT.

Our maiden broadcast on June 4, 2004 will feature a brief introduction to the VOD and the aims and objectives of STGDP in English and all major languages spoken in The Gambia. Subsequent weekly programs will cover current issues affecting The Gambia’s political and social environment with insights from various guest speakers.

STGDP in collaboration with partners in The U.S, Germany, The Netherlands and The Gambia, successfully carried out three test broadcasts in late April. The response to these test broadcasts were overwhelmingly encouraging. Strong signals were received in all parts of the Gambia and around the world. We have since decided to go ahead with regular programming to open up another avenue for free speech and the promotion of democracy in response to the current predicament of the private media in The Gambia.

Please share the radio frequency information with your friends and family in The Gambia and around the world. It is as easy as tuning in to BBC, VOA or RFI – if not easier – to get to VOD on 9405KHZ (9.4MHZ) on the 31 Meter Band of your short-wave tuner. Stay tuned Gambians and friends. Your sons and daughters are coming at you with dedication and a focused message for the promotion of democracy and freedom of expression in The Gambia. Share the message please!

My Take:
The efforts of the STGDP are laudable. I am not sure how prevalent short wave radios are in the Gambia. I am rusty on that issue but if my memory serves me right they (short wave Radios) are not the norm of reception for most Gambians. But again the dynamics involved in setting up this clandestine station maybe the reason behind this bandwidth choice. In any case a little is better than nothing at all.


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