Sana Sabally

The erstwhile vice president of the AFPRC wrote a tribute to his fallen comrade Sadibu hydara. I read through the whole thing. But guess what? Prison has done a number on him. The guy keeps rambling about the same thing over and over again. Some one once told me that Sana came out of prison well verse in the Quran and the Bible… well he didn’t disappoint on that judging by the numerous quotations he made from both. However I think he needs to see a shrink. Jeez.

The funny thing is that he didn’t divulge their side of the story. Why was him and sadibu (the second and third most powerful men in the AFPRC hierarchy then) summarily imprisoned for alleged treason? Was it a setup as most people believed? or were they quilty of the charge? I hope the next time he has time to rant, he will kindly indulge folks on this issue. Here it is: Sanna pays tribute to late Sadibou Hydara


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