“So a new era dawned and we witnessed a complete new order that came to tackle societal and leadership vices in society. They had a slogan – probity, accountability and transparency”….
That was exactly what they had… a slogan. Leadership? Nah. Obviously our society has seen more heart wrenching human rights abuses ( murder, theft, arson) during their rein than the three decades of independence that preceded it.

“A many must have taken it as a mere gimmick that blew out of the mouths of another few who must have wanted to comfort themselves by wanting to own. But what happened, those that have thought so must have lived in an ocean of tomfoolery until the day of accountability and probity came to show us what it actually meant”…
come on” Gawlo”. We had a Jaliba in sheriff and before his scent even dissipated you are taking over the reins of journalistic sycophancy. Accountability without Yaya Alphonse telling us how he became the richest man in a decade doesn’t trouble you in the least.

“Let’s thank the zeal in its establishment and of course the call for its continuity in order to continue getting rid of the disgrace of corruption. But whatever one does without expressing gratitude to the grinning commission chairman who worked so fast and accurately to the impression of all in truthfulness and honesty, and then one has more to do. Now we have to join our hands to ensure that such bunch of vicious mice do not filter our public good anymore. Keep it up!”

Jeez… you are either gullible or the worst of that human tendency… selfishness is encroaching on your psyche. The biggest “DIRIMO” (Gambian rat) is still pilfering the public good. What planet do you live on?

If you want to see the second coming of Sheriff Bojang (Daily Observers outgoing un-principled managing editor), read Omar Bah’s impression of the APRC ascendancy to power and the subsequent Paul commission report a decade later. It has all the hallmarks of Sheriff’s shenigans. Act tough on the little guy who got caught stealing while singing the praises of the God father who orders the murders and has all the wealth…Daily Observer.


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