Republicans have seemingly adopted the tactics that Democrats have used with black voters for years: Not only is opposition to a political point wrong, it must be a sign of blatant bigotry. The flip side of this demonization of the enemy, of course, is the brainwashing of one’s supporters. In short, Christian conservatives are now officially societal “victims” with all the moral weight that carries. In much the same way that Charlie Rangel said infamously several years ago that the “new” Republican bigotry comes forth in the language of “tax cuts,” Bill Frist and Co. are now suggesting that opposition to GOP judges is evidence that Democrats hate judges.

What is rather interesting is that, just a couple of years ago, this charge was limited to the Democrats handling of one judge, Bill Pryor of Alabama. Republicans charged that Democrats were anti-Catholic because they opposed Pryor, a pro-life conservative judge. Yes, this is some sort of rough-justice for Democrats who claimed that Republicans blocked Bill Clinton’s judges because they were — pick one — Black, Hispanic, female, etc.

But, it was wrong then and it is wrong now. It is invidious to society. For one thing, I thought Republicans didn’t believe in creating new classes of victims.And now, the charge has evidently expanded to the entire class of judges — not just Pryor. In addition, as W. James Antle III noted in the Feb. 28 edition of The American Conservative (not online), Republicans have happily adopted the race card to accuse Democrats of blocking judges because they are Hispanic (Miguel Estrada) or black (Janice Rogers Brown).

It’s so wonderful that we now have two parties more than happy to turn whole classes of the electorate into “victims.” In both cases, of course, the status of “victim” is in inverse proportion to their actual influence within the given party. Democrats point to blacks — their most steadfast voter — as permanent victims…. though they act helpless in doing anything about that. Now, Republicans have a very significant religious conservative bloc that must be catered to as victims.

In both cases, arguably, it is the greater society that becomes the true victim.


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