Save the Gambia Democracy Project.

Pledge drives are annoying. Everyone wants you to give, give, and give, as though you haven’t given enough. Between tsunami victims, AIDS babies and Amazon deforestation, compassion can be bankrupting. And now Save the Gambia Democracy Project (STDP) wants your money, too. Why should you give a single penny to support an organization that wants to liberate a nation from tyranny?

You get the drift right? Because apart from being the decent, and ethical thing to do – nothing’s free. Freedom isn’t free. So the least blabbermouths like yours truly can do to augment the efforts of the people on the ground is to contribute a token of our wage to liberate our people. Heck nothing is free and you get what you pay for. If we failed to contribute towards the noble endeavor that is the restoration of human dignity, we shouldn’t be dumbfounded if Yaya Jammeh intimidates his way to another fraudulent electoral victory. We shouldn’t complain when he institute policies that plunges our people into medieval poverty; imprison them without any due process rights; order the murder of innocence and pardon the executors of his order under the guise of reconciliation. Hell he might just decide to move the capital city to Kanilai. But why should you, who value your twenty-dollar bill more care? It is not your problem… you can afford to pay for your family’s subsistence right? Wrong. Yaya is navigating the ship of state towards a wretch. Once it hits that iceberg, everybody’s family will be part of the statistics.

See what I mean? That wasn’t fun at all, was it? I’m not exaggerating… I may have understated what the repercussions will be. We’re less likely to have to worry about these developments if we put our little resources together to fight Yaya before he pull an ivory coast on us. If you care about your country and want to preserve it for generations to come, you will write a check or donate online at

If you don’t, I can’t swear that Gambia as you know it will come to an abrupt end, but I can’t promise it won’t.


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