It is a start

The cultural night organized by Gambians in Michigan to commemorate the Gambia’s 40th independence anniversary is a mixed bag as far as organisation and substance are concerned. The organizers are to be commended for their ingenious fund raising tactics.Running out of food before all of the guest ate is the low point. As usual a great many of the attendees (Gambians) decided to show up an hour after the activities are supposed to start. Pushing the whole program out of sync. To make matters worst some of the female organizers decided to put in some much needed social functions that has nothing to do with the event.Dr. Saine’s speech was the epitome of the whole event for me and the political junkies in the room. Suffice to say that our master of ceremony tried his best to box the professor’s speech towards his liking. He spoke at lenght about the economic and political situation in the nation. I will post the speech in it’s entirety once I receive a copy from him. Dr. Saine also put in a plug for his most recent published book. You can purchase it here

I am juggling to many things, today been the begining of the work week. I will try and post more comprehensively when time permits.


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