Rest My case

Members of the National Assembly Tuesday lamented the poor and sometimes non -signals of The Gambia Radio and Television Services, (GRTS) in the rural part of the country and their refusal to air the activities of the opposition parties.

This is one of the reasons why the government has no business running public television/radio. The operations are inept.If these are run by private for profit entities the outcome will be different. But while we are at it.. that is this notion of privatization, why not add NAWEC, GPTC and other cash draining parastals to the list. Even those parastals (like Gamtel) that make some profits will be better off in private hands. Gamtel’s customers will be better serve if competition is allowed in the market. There is little to be desired of Gamtel’s mobile service…drop signals in the middle of conversations provided you get connected at all.

Privatizing all of these parastals will go a long way in increasing employment and the tax revenue of the state. The days of state enterprises are long gone and until our governments learn that lesson, they will continue to starve vital sectors like health and education while subsiding entities that will function effectively in a laissez-faire economic environment.


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